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What’s New

The latest versions of Sigil contain hundreds of changes, bug fixes and new features while still retaining the same easy to use interface of earlier versions. Almost all of Sigil’s code has been updated and improved with particular focus on the following areas:

For a detailed list of all the change made to Sigil, see the Changelog.

Changes in 0.7.2 include:

Changes in 0.7.1 include:

New features in 0.7.0 include:

Other changes in 0.7.0 include:

Preferences have moved to a new location for Linux users – so Linux users must copy old preference files to the new location.

New features in 0.6.x include:

Other changes in 0.6.x include:

Replace can only be done in Code View since it was not reliable in Book View.

Clean Source is set to Pretty Print Tidy when you use Sigil for the first time, but can be changed in Preferences.

All of the new features, along with all features and functionality, are of course described in this completely updated Sigil User Guide.

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